Getting Ready for School Lunches!


August 6, 2017 by Sarah


I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden we have a very soon-to-be kindergartener on our hands. Gianna is 5 going on 6 and starting school in 7 days! I don’t feel ready at all, we’ve been enjoying the summer days a lot. Especially the flexibility in night times and wake-up times. Soon, the school morning craziness will be here where I have to somehow on my own get 3 small children ready and out the door by a way too early time.

An added element to this year is needing to pack school lunches! This is a whole new world. Last year Gianna was in transitional kinder, so I did pack snacks. But lunches feel like a whole different level. Thinking about picking out the lunch gear was actually very exciting for me, and I’m feeling good about what we’ve got. I think we will have to try it out and maybe add things along the way. It was really helpful to just ask Gianna what kinds of things she wanted to pack for her lunch. Spaghetti was her answer for first lunch food! Love it. She also loves Korean soups and rice, along with fruits and veggies. We’re also headed to Costco this week for her to pick out snacks that she’s excited to pack.

For school lunch making veterans out there, what do you pack for your kids? Any tips to make the process easier? I’m sharing the lunch box container items that we have below, I’d also love to hear about containers that you like.

Thermos Food Jar: I’m thinking this will be prefect for the spaghetti and soups.

Reusuable Snack Bags: I’m not sure how functional these will be, but I’m up for an alternative to plastic bags that end up in the trash. I also ordered the larger version.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle: We have these for all our kids and love them.

Stainless Steel Containers: Stainless steel is a great alternative to plastic, I also picked up this one on sale at Whole Foods.

All this gets packed into Gianna’s lunch bag that she picked out for herself last year.


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