Friday Quick Takes


August 18, 2017 by Sarah

one. In case you missed it, I’ve been majorly happy with my new stylist and new, naturally curly hair routine. I feel like I’m finally really enjoying and embracing my curly hair and wanted to share it with the world. (: Especially since I’m always looking for posts like this out there but never found anything!

two. I ordered a number of things from the Nordstrom anniversary sale but am returning a lot it because of fit and style. I am holding onto two of these t-shirts, they’re super comfy and even not on sale, they’re a great price. I’m always looking for a good tee.


three. For the first time ever, we enjoyed a heavy harvest of beautiful, fat heirloom tomatoes. I’m guessing close to 30 lbs worth! I’m drafting a post (in my head for now) about how we’re using all those tomatoes that all come at the same time, but one of the most fun and delicious ways was that last weekend, we had friends over and had something of a tomato feast. Roasted tomato soup with BLT’s. I’m already daydreaming about NEXT summer when we can do it all over again.

four. Speaking of food, cucumber kimchi is hands down my favorite kimchi and I found this easy looking recipe for it. The same blogger behind that recipe has a Essential Korean Cooking Ingredients list which is excellent, in case you are interested in Korean cooking but don’t know where to start!

five. I’ve always been hesitant with technology which is ironic given we live in the Silicon Valley and my husband works in the tech industry. His company is behind the tech for this article written by a journalist using a chatbot to hold onto his dying father’s stories and memories. It made me think and appreciate creative ways to use technology.

six. My bookclub book for August, with school starting I don’t know how much I’ll be able to read. It looks good though!

seven. Some DYI inspiration.


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