Friday Quick Takes (vol. 25)


August 21, 2015 by Sarah

one. I’m a ripe 37-weeks tomorrow, full-term! Meaning that lil’ baby inside of my belly is mostly done with the big developmental stuff and could really come out now and be ready to go. Or, she could wait another 3 weeks until her due date and put on some more fat, another few pounds if she wanted. I’ve been really, really itching to nest. But things like the hospital bag getting packed and putting the carseat in haven’t happened yet because of this:


two. Our house, which is a major construction zone. Today the cement got poured for the foundation, which was super, super exciting. Our daughter is set to arrive mid-September, and our house is supposedly finished mid-October, which means Pat and I have been pretty consumed with all things house-related. Things are just a little bit crazy around here.

three. I read this recently, after seeing a recommendation for it in a magazine I was flipping through. I loved it and feel an even stronger desire to support farmers who are using sustainable farming methods to bring food to our table. I’ve been looking into buying some of our meat in bulk from this local farm.

four. Now I’m in between books! And I’m itching to start something. I’m really wanting to read this, but maybe digging into the pope’s recent encyclical isn’t the best idea right before welcoming a third baby into the world?

five. How to Postpartum Like a Boss. I want to be better about letting my body recover after birth, I often have ridiculous expectations for myself and this blog post really challenged me on that. Natalie, Ashley, and Sarah, this read I’ve especially wanted to share with you!

six. I’ve never been good about keeping up with the news, especially now with young children. The other night, I got a chance to catch up on recent posts by Erna at Feisty Thoughts on the anniversary of Ferguson.  I appreciated her Ferguson Primer and her experience of the one-year anniversary of MIchael Brown’s death. It’s heavy but very important stuff that I want to be more aware of and connected to.



  1. nataliealin says:

    2. now i can really visualize the remodel – you’ll have so much more space!
    3. we’ve been talking about getting our meat through a local farm for a while now – we should split a half cow! 😉
    4. would love to read the encyclical – thanks for sharing

    • Sarah says:

      The other day, Pat and I totally had a conversation about who might actually split a half cow with us, haha, and you and Jim were on the very short list we came up with! You know, important conversations to be having when a remodel is happening and a baby is coming… We should revisit it after our babies are here and sleeping through the night. 🙂

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