A Day in the Life


September 1, 2017 by Sarah

I thought it would be amusing to record a typical day for us. I’ve always found it fun to hear about what other mom’s days look like, especially those who don’t work outside the home. What do we do anyway?? Here’s what yesterday looked like.

6AM: Woke up on my own. Read the Blessed is She daily devotional, spent a few minutes praying. Got ready for the day, published a quick family blog post about Gianna’s kindergarten back to school night.

6:40AM: Pat leaves for work.

6:50AM: Gianna and Caleb are awake, happy, and fully dressed. They play while I make breakfast, reheated hard boiled eggs in a mug of hot water, quick hash-browns, and peach slices. I’m going to miss summer fruits.

7:10AM: Eliza wakes up happy, YES. Eat breakfast.

7:45AM: Out the door for school drop-off. I experimented with leaving a little later to get Gianna to school right when it was time to get into class to help with the mommy separation anxiety. She did great this time around.

8:30AM: Drop off Caleb at preschool.

9:00AM: Arrive at a friend’s house with a meal that I prepped the night before. Eliza and her daughter play while we get to catch up!

10:45AM: Back at home, throw some laundry in the wash, water the garden, prep quesadillas for lunch. Caleb is always starving after preschool so I always bring him a mini-lunch for the drive home.

11:30AM: Pick up Caleb from preschool.

12:00PM: Lunch, hang laundry out to dry, a neighbor friend drops off Gianna from school pick up.

1:00PM: Nap time starts for Eliza. The older kids play quietly, I read to them, and today I was able to get in a quick nap!

2:30PM: Gymnastics class for Gianna, my father-in-law meets me at the gym and takes the younger kids to his house while I get to watch class and get a few things done.

3:30PM: Gianna and I are home alone and have a spontaneous little date, eating chocolate ice cream bars on the couch while watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa. This was such a special treat, I’ve been looking for special time with my oldest girl and this was perfect.

4:30PM: Pick up younger kids from my in-laws house. End up hanging out for a while for the kids to play with their cousins who are staying there now.

6:00PM: Get back home and have leftover spaghetti and pesto pasta for dinner. Caleb has a major meltdown and I count down the minutes until Pat gets home.

6:20PM: Pat is home, I retreat to our room and take a short recharge break. Then it’s onto cleaning up.

7:45PM: Kids are down for the night! Most nights lately, I’m in the room with Gianna helping her fall asleep. I was glad to not do that tonight so I could prep for an upcoming trip.

8:15PM: Catch up with Pat, shower and get ready for bed. Work on this blog post, watch a show.

9:30PM: Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to wind down.

10:00PM: Goodnight!


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